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MRC News!

We hope you had a great MEA weekend!

Join us Thursday for a songwriting workshop with Caleb. Lulu's Pizza 

(Thank you Lulu's!!!) arrives at 4:00, workshop starts around 4:30.

Upcoming workshops:

November 2nd: atmospheric jazz jam session with our friend Carl and the rest of his band, Landscapes.

November 9th: Voiceover workshop with Melissa Medina, a world famous voice actress! Have you watched anime or played a video game? Then you've probably heard her voice! 

November 16th: Recording and mixing workshop with Flip Arkulary. If you missed our recording summer camp, this is a good chance to get some solid info from Flip, a local professional recording engineer. 

November 30th: stay tuned: we've got something exciting we'll be confirming soon!

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