About the MRC

The Music Resource Center is an after-school program for middle and high school students who wish to explore their passion for music. Whether playing an instrument for personal enjoyment or professional aspirations, learning studio and live recording and mixing, singing, making beats, composing songs, or performing, all are welcome to explore, learn, and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

The Music Resource Center is now in its 10th year of operation. Typically the Music Resource Center operates at Sacred Heart Music Center, at 201 W, 4th Street in Duluth, MN, where students have access to a variety of high quality instruments, recording equipment, and professional instructors.

This year due to the pandemic the MRC has gone VIRTUAL. 

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The Music Resource Center is a program of the Armory Arts & Music Center, with the vision of being located in the Historic Duluth Armory once it is renovated.