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Construction begins summer of 2024, the goal is to open to public Fall of 2025

The restoration of the Duluth Armory will honor the past and reimagine the future while providing important community space for economic and entrepreneurial development, arts and culture, and a place for history to come alive for future generations.

The Armory Arts and Music Center (AAMC) is partnering with Sherman Associates to complete the $58 million restoration of the Duluth Armory. The Minnesota Legislature approved the 2023 Capital Investment General Fund Appropriations Bill and awarded the Historic Duluth Armory project $4.5 million.  This is one important step in the funding process and securing additional funding through Historic Tax Credits, New Markets Tax Credits and Tax Increment Financing are being pursued. The AAMC Capital Campaign is also a vital funding source to ensure a welcoming and functional arts and music exhibit and programming space.

Celebrating History

The foundational history of the armory as a military training center and as a cultural and entertainment hub for northeastern Minnesota will be showcased throughout the renovated facility. The story of the Minnesota National Guard, Naval Militia, and Naval Reserve will be honored in the Hall of Heroes. The restoration will also celebrate the role the Armory played as a community gathering place and cultural and entertainment hub of the Duluth region. 


Economic and Entrepreneurial Development

The Drill Hall will become the centerpiece of a vibrant mixed-use commercial space; with a public food hall filled with small businesses and food vendors. The lower level will contain a large-scale community kitchen space that can be used by a variety of food entrepreneurs.  The portion of the Armory facing Lake Superior will become artist galleries and studio spaces. 


Arts and Culture

Restoration of the historic Duluth Armory stage will be an entertainment focal point and will foster local and regional talent and keep the space active and fresh. The North Country Creative Center will be an exhibit space that celebrates the creative spark of the people and entertainers who performed at the Duluth Armory, including a permanent exhibit space showcasing Bob Dylan’s tie to the Armory. The Music Resource Center, an after-school music education program for teens will also be located in the restored Armory.

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