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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the MRC! We are rocking and rolling into the New Year with lots of excitement for what the spring is going to bring. Now is a good time for students to set their spring goals, maybe sign up for lessons or get a group together for a new band.

To help our students meet their goals, we have a few for ourselves! Can you help us with any of these needs???

  1. We need a new drum set! Ideally an acoustic set and an electric set, but either will be really helpful! Almost every day we've got a line of students waiting to use our two drum sets.

  2. We need another base guitar. With only two basses, It doesn't take many students jamming before basses are all spoken for. And we all know the importance of a good bass solo!

  3. Workshop leaders. Do you have something to teach the students? Would you like to donate your talent and wisdom to our truly inspiring students? Let us know, and we'll get you on the calendar! So far our workshops have included: intro to blues, song writing, piano improv, jazz jamming, animation voice acting, ASMR recording, and more. This spring we look forward to themes like musical theater, gigs and music business, stage lighting, vocal workshops, making beats, and more.

  4. We are planning for our future space. We are currently seeking supporters to help us build out our new MRC space. Are you interested in learning more about the Armory project and the new MRC? Let us know!

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